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If i resume the film it would be like this :
We can't compare The Fifth Element to another film because it is the best film!!!!!!!!
Milla was the best . She was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
On 10 i give 10 for the film and 20 for Milla and her language!

Best film I've seen in a long time. It mixes fantasy, adventure, action,
humour and much more into only one excellent movie.

Well, I have to say this is one of the best movies I have ever seen. Luc
Besson is very talented. Another reason why I really Like this movie is
because Milla Jovovich.
Yes, that's right, I am one of the thousands of people who are in love with
her. Anyways, I enjoyed Besson's THE FIFTH ELEMENT. The acting of Jovovich,
Willis, Oldman, and Tucker is great. They give do you say?.........
Tour de force peformance. That's it, a Tour de Force performance.
Costuming..........AWSOME. Jean-Paul Gualtier is spectacular.
Hope he gets an acedemy award for best costumes. This movie takes you away
from reality ( Thats what movies are for) and ends up depressing you because
in reality, that couldn't happen. The Fifth Element is a fun, interesting,
mysterious, funny, and entertaining motion picture. It even has good morals in it. I have seen it 3 times. Ya, Ya, I know what you are thinking, I haven't seen it
enough....but hey, I still have time. Well, go see this
movie. Don't get too attached to Milla, she is irresistible!!!!!!

Hi there! My comments on the FIFTH ELEMENT? It's the best movie ever made! I've seen it 4 times and I bought the novel... Bye!

The Fift Element was the best movie I have ever seen. Milla does the best acting in that movie that i have ever seen her do. The movie gets you pumped and yet at the same time it makes you want to cry right there in the theater. It has everthing that any movie could have in it fantasy, adventure, action, humour. Milla is very beautiful and stunning in the movie, I just can't get over here. All I can say is that it was the best!!!!

Appipulai, This is the best movie for me since Jurassic Park (I saw that 8 times in a movie theater!) The acting was so amazing and I became so emotionally attacted to the characters that I cried for them at the end. I've recently started modeling/acting and I've found, like Milla said, it's a lot easier to sell your looks rather than your talent. Milla is so amazing and beautiful she could make Aphrodite look like Medusa. On a scale from 1-10, this movie, it's characters, it's costumes, and it's special effects are an 11! The Fifth Element Kicks ass! Domo donku!

Here in England, FIFTH ELEMENT isn`t actually released until Friday the 13th, but I was among the few to see a special showing the weekend before. Ever since I saw the very first preview, not showing any of the film, I knew then that I would love this film, that it was gonna be a good one. And, boy, was I surprised!! It was better than I ever thought. The whole look and feel of the film is excellent. The absolutly fantastic soundtrack is exactly what I would have choosen for this film. As I say this film isn`t released until friday the 13th, but I can definately see myself watching this film every chance I get!!!!!!!!!!


appipulai, the fifth element is the best movie and milla jovovich is the most beautiful women i've never seen in my life leeloo is a very good character.korben dallas is cool and ruby rohd is comic bravo luc té le meilleur

THIS MOVIE IS THE BEST I'VE EVER WATCHED, AND LEELOO IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN I'VE EVER SEEN ! She's really the supreme being and the perfection ! sorry for my english, correct me if it's neccessary :)

Fifth Element Rocked!!! It was one the best movies i've ever seen. If i go see it again, i'm most probably going 2 go broke!! I'm in love, not with Milla, but with Leeloo. That look she has in the movie made her!! :)

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