Besson Interviews

Interview Of Luc Besson About The Fifth Element

Special Effects :

There are numerous special effects. The work involved was new to me and it was long and painstaking: Cars fly, there are aliens, etc. It's a bit frustrating for a director of actors to have all these mechanical things to be set up and adjusted in so many shots. So I bowed to circumstances till the end of the film, but I must admit that it wasn't the most exciting part for me. Mind you, the audience is going to have a lot of fun with it. Every thing was multiplied by five in this movie!

There was a year and a half of pre-production, then we stopped to rethink things: The movie was practically impossible to do, too big, too expensive, too soon! So I made "The Professional". Then I went back into another year of pre-production; a year of hindsight that enabled us to zero in on problems better, helping us to resolve them. Production then lasted 22 weeks.

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