Besson Interviews

Interview Of Luc Besson About The Fifth Element

The Subject :

I started writing a novel when I was 16. I didn't think about turning it into a movie until much later. In fact, it came to me little by little. "The Fifth Element" is certainly the movie of mine that is the furthest from reality; it was my wildest project, I wanted to make a film that was pure entertainment. But you never really work for a particular audience, you simply hope that "an" audience will be charmed, touched and moved, the size doesn't really matter. For "The Last Battle", for example, there was a relatively low audience - but a very happy one; for "The Big Blue", the audience was much, much larger and people were just as happy, even if they weren't the same ones!

"The Fifth Element" is a real invitation to travel, to get away from it all. I believe you have to feel the need, to really want to, and that you have to be in that frame of mind to fully enjoy of the film.

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